Rekey Locks

When you want to rekey locks in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, call us. What’s special about pin and tumbler locks is that they can be rekeyed. But the job must be done accurately. The key replacement must match the design requirements of the particular lock. And a single mistake can render the lock useless compromising security. So although rekeying a lock is not rocket science, it still demands attention to detail, appropriate tools, and precision in key cutting. And for such services, you can always turn to Locksmith Maple Ridge.Rekey Locks Maple Ridge

What happens during lock rekeying?

When it comes to cylinder locks, which are the most popular ones in the market, the minute you insert the key, a set of pins makes room for it so that it will go all the way in. That’s the simplest way of describing how cylinder locks unlock. With key change, the grooves and edges of the new key won’t match the pins of the existing lock. So when we rekey locks, we basically need to remove the existing pins and insert new ones. Accordingly, the key must be cut to perfectly match the combination of the pins inside the lock. If either job is not done correctly, the door won’t open or lock.

Why lock rekey is essential

By replacing the pins and using a new key to secure and open the door, you are sure that no one with access to the original key of the door will be able to enter your private property. So rekeying the lock is important when you move to a new office or house, when the keys are stolen or lost, or when worker and co-tenants go away.

Why do you need our assistance?

  • We rekey locks in Maple Ridge urgently
  • Our pros are experienced with cylinder locks and can rekey them fast
  • We have the equipment to do the job with accuracy
  • We can create a master key system
  • Our techs are discreet, reliable, licensed, and qualified

Want lock rekeying in Maple Ridge? All you have to do is contact our local lock expert company.